Residents get first peek at Beachway Park Master Plan

Missed the public meeting on the Beachway Master Plan? Here’s the link to the presentation showing the proposed sections and development of the plan.

Beachway Park Public Open House Presentation Apr 7 2015

No timeline or budget for completion has been set. The plans include removal of all the privately-owned homes in the beach. Several have recently been sold to the Region, however many residents have said they intend to remain in their own homes and not sell to the Region. This is a very controversial issue, and decision, that is affecting this neighbourhood to the point that the Region is becoming almost the only buyer. I support the retention of this historic neighbourhood along the beach, which has been here for over 100 years. This community does not impede public access to the shoreline, and enhances the beach area. I support improvements to the park along the path, parking and shoreline, on land already in public hands, and do not support buying private properties to remove this neighbourhood for further park expansion.

For more information, visit the Region of Halton’s Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park web page.

View TVCogeco’s news story about the public meeting:

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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  1. With regard to the mtg at the BAC re the Beachway and Spencer Smith Park Plan. It did show a number of the suggestions put forward by those of us who worked on them several years ago. Unfortunately they did NOT show the legally owned homes by those who reside on the beach and who specifically want it to be known that they wish to stay. For Shame, this is a slap in the face to honest home owning tax paying citizens who have Every Right To Express their Wishes to Remain Living there. Further more, put to a vote I for one will vote YES for those who wish to remain to be able to do so. There is No reasonable reason to remove these homes, as they do not impede walking swimming or any other activity on the beach. They also provide “Eyes on the Beach and a place to seek assistance if required and therefore no need to hire security to patrol. The only thing left then is to wonder if these houses are wanted so desperately to be removed is so that future hig rises may be built at an astronomical rate. NO TO HIGH RISES ANYWHERE ON THE LAKE SHORE OR IN ANY EXISTING RESIDENTIAL AREA WHERE THEY D O NOT CONFORM TO THE AREA. VIEWS TO THE LAKE ARE FOR EVERYONE, NOT THE FEW WITH DEEP POCKETS.

    • I have to agree 100% with Joan. I understand that this was a “TO BE” document, but the fact that existing homes and hydro wires were not adequately addressed is perplexing. It is becoming more and more evident that our community is run by Developers and Contractors. Why are monster homes approved by the local government, when, in most cases, they do not conform to the surrounding architecture? Is the government powerless to stop this? The perception from residents is that money drives all of this. What a shame for Burlington…

  2. The plan hasn’t come to Regional Council for a vote yet. There are discussions underway with Hydro One to move the hydro wires off the beach closer to the highway, and to use more modern poles with a sleek profile. No decisions have been made yet.

  3. May I ask which Councillors are for this proposed Plan? May I also ask what is going to be done about the Power Lines & structures? Did I miss this in the Presentation?

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