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Welcoming Co-op Student Amy Wallace

Hello, readers! My name is Amy, a grade 11 student at Burlington Central High school. I have just begun my co-op placement at City Hall with Marianne Meed Ward, and I am more than excited for the next few months ahead! Each afternoon up until the end of January, I will spend time with Marianne, working on the development of relevant, news-related articles and learning about different events going on throughout the city. I will also attend a few community meetings and discussions, where I hope to learn about both the public and councillors’ points of views on specific topics.

As a sixteen year-old girl, living in a city full of opportunities, there are so many things I would like to try, and many career paths I am curious to discover. I am more than grateful to be taken down one of those paths right now during my co-op, looking into the world of journalism, politics, and writing. Both Marianne and her assistant, Georgie Gartside, have welcomed me with open arms, providing me with many neat opportunities regarding these subjects. However, on the other side of the working spectrum, medicine is something I am quite passionate about as well. I hope that throughout the next few months, while gaining some experience and learning more about the role of a councillor, I will have more of an idea of who, and what I’d like to become in the future.

I cannot wait to start writing with Councillor Meed Ward on both her newsletters and her blog. This will be an experience I will never forget.


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  1. Love to read your take on things. You are definitely suited for your field. Be an individualist and hold your head high and “firm”, and success will follow you. All the best Amy.

  2. Hi Amy.
    Welcome to the circus.
    No doubt you’ve been introduced to a lot of people at city hall but perhaps you haven’t yet been told what everyone does. So allow me to fill you in.
    First there is the Mayor. He’s the Boss – the Ring Master. His job is to stop all the wild animals from eating each other. You’ll find that he’s usually pretty good at that.
    Then there are the Counselors. They are the entertainment. Many are jugglers and you’ll be surprised to learn how many of them are able to hold multiple conflicting ideas while still putting on a brave face.
    Staff are the ones who come out to clean up the poop left by the wild animals after they are finished. You’ll learn to really marvel at the efficiency with which they can do that.
    Finally there is the public. Sitting in the bleacher section this rabble is quick to fire invective at the slightest perceived transgression of their pet by-law. you’ll need to acquire a thicker skin to deal with this lot.

    So enjoy the show at city hall. Just don’t take any of it too seriously.

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