Leaf pickup to be later this year south of the QEW

Dates: Nov. 20 & Dec. 11

leaf collection photoLeaf pick up will be later this year for neighbourhoods south of the QEW, as a result of last year’s experience when pickups occurred before the majority of leaves had fallen, leaving many residents to bag and pay to dispose of their leaves.

Formal calendars will be distributed in early September (see Leaf Collection Brochure). The plan is to divide the city into four areas, North East and North West of the QEW, South East, and South West, with Ward 2 falling into South West, Area 3. The proposed areas and scheduled pickups are as follows:

Area 1: North of the QEW to Hwy 5, west of Walker’s Line; Pickups: Nov. 6 & Nov. 27

Area 2: South of the QEW, East of Guelph Line; Pickups: Nov. 13 & Dec. 4

Area 3: South of the QEW, West of Guelph Line; Pickups: Nov. 20 & Dec. 11

Area 4: North of QEW to Hwy 5, east of Walker’s Line: Nov. 27 (one pick-up)

Staff are working on a contingency plan, should there be a winter storm in early December prior to the final leaf pickups.
My Take: This is a significant improvement over last year’s schedule, notwithstanding there could be a snow storm in December to complicate matters. However, most leaves will likely be dropped by the end of November for residents to have them curbside, with only minor pickup needed by the second date.


Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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  1. Much better schedule. I’m not sure why you think most leaves will be down by the first date given past experience in my neighbourhood but hopefully they will be down by the second date. Thanks to the city for listening.

  2. Great idea! Well done. The new schedule with a contingency plan for an early snowstorm makes sense. Last year’s schedule was no where close to adequate from what I have seen in the last 17 years living downtown.

  3. Thank you so much for listening and changing the dates – this schedule for downtown is much more realistic. Some of the larger leafed maples usually wait till December. Now I’d like to see fines for the thoughtless people who never fail to rake their leaves to the street after the last date (I can even give you their name!)…..then everyone else has to deal with their mess all winter.n

  4. This is great news, although last year on our street the problem wasn’t the leaves falling later, it was the fact that nobody came to pick them on the scheduled date. We had them all piled up and ready to go!

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