Transit changes, fare increase May 1

Beginning May 3, 2015, several routes and services are being adjusted. Scheduling changes focus on a number of routes to adjust timing and connectivity as well as expansion of the Community Connection service and Handi-van service which will be expanded later this year.


  • Based on rider feedback and transit data, Routes 2 and 3 will change slightly so riders will no longer need to transfer buses to continue their travel from Route 2 to Route 3, and alternatively, from Route 3 to Route 2. This will begin May 3, 2015.
  • Also beginning May 3, 2015, and based on rider feedback, the schedules for Routes 10 and 20 will be adjusted to improve on-time performance.
  • Burlington Transit bought a new Handi-van vehicle to meet increased service requests. The new van will be in service later this year.
  • The Community Connection service will be expanded to provide a network of coverage into areas north, east and west of the city with routes meeting at the Burlington Seniors’ Centre. The service will be provided midday Monday to Friday and is served by smaller transit vehicles that will allow BT to make stops at the entrance doors of key destination areas, such as malls and community centres.

Temporary Route Detour

  • Route 1 will detour as a result of an extended construction project on Waterdown Road. The timing will be adjusted on both Routes 1 and 101 during the project, which is expected to be completed in October 2015.

Fare Increase

Transit fares for cash, tickets and monthly passes will increase May 1; PRESTO fares, with the exception of the child fare, will stay the same. Cash fares for all users (seniors, adults, students and children over 5) will increase to one standard rate of $3.50. Tickets sold in strips of 10 will be $18.50 for a child, $19 for seniors and students (13-17) and $27.50 for adults. Monthly passes will e $71 for students, $59.25 for seniors, and $97 for adults.
PRESTO fares for childrens, students and seniors are $1.85; for adults $2.70.
NOTE: I did not support the fee increase when this came to a vote at budget.

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Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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