57 Burlington Transit bus stops to receive benches

burlington transit logoIn order to add comfort and enhance customer service, Burlington Transit is adding benches to 57 bus stops around the city. Some bench installations will require a concrete slab to be poured first. The locations were chosen based on areas that have busier pedestrian and vehicular traffic and public space available.

The bench expansion is already underway and will continue as weather permits throughout the summer and into the fall, if needed.

Below is the list of bench locations:

433 Lakeshore Boulevard at Burloak Drive
1003 Lakeshore Boulevard at Kenwood Avenue
3 Lakeshore Boulevard at Torrance Street
751 Lakeshore Boulevard at Brock Avenue
755 1340 Lakeshore Blvd.
72 New Street at Guelph Line
185 New Street at Walker’s Line
184 New Street at Walker’s Line
495 New Street at Hampton Heath
557 5514 New St.
453 Appleby Line at Fairview Street
388 Fairview Street at Inverary Road
206 Fairview Street at Woodview Street
95 Fairview Street at Drury Lane
64 2065 Fairview St.
785 Plains Road at Francis
767 Plains Road at King Road
759 Plains Road at Long Drive
832 Plains Road at Downsview
833 127 Plains Rd.
162 Harvester Road at Guelph Line
264 3450 Harvester Road
248 Upper Middle at Mountain Grove
326 Burlington Heights Centre
1030 Upper Middle Road at Guelph Line
922 Upper Middle Road at Country Club
628 Upper Middle Road at Heron Way
269 Brant Street at Hazelton Boulevard
200 Brant Street at Havendale Boulevard
110 Brant at North Service Road
102 Brant at North Service Road
33 Guelph at Lakeshore
77 Guelph Line at New Street
83 Guelph Line at Glencrest Road
114 Guelph Line at Prospect Avenue
113 Guelph Line at Prospect Avenue
156 Guelph Line at Harvester Road
155 Guelph Line at Harvester Road
220 Guelph Line at Mainway
245 Guelph Line at Centennial
299 Guelph Line at Upper Middle Road
302 Guelph Line at Upper Middle Road
622 Walker’s Line at Berton Avenue
619 Berton Avenue at Walker’s Line
611 Walker’s Line at Constable Hensaw
608 Walker’s Line at Darien
584 Walker’s Line at Country Club
368 Walker’s Line at North Service Road
296 Walker’s Line at Harvester Road
290 Walker’s Line at Harvester Road
355 Appleby Line at New Street
360 Appleby Line at New Street
395 Appleby Line at Pine Street
451 666 Appleby Line
899 Appleby Line at Harrison Court
522 Burloak at Spruce
89 2200 Fairview Street


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  1. Because there is so much time in between buses it is great to have a bench while one waits. Thank you. Now if the buses would run more often and connect we would be all set.

  2. I do not like the idea of advertising. I agree they look cheap and distracting. We have a beautiful city, lets do all we can to keep it that way. When I lived in Bronte, they started to do this and then stopped after numerous complaints in regards to the esthetics of them.

    I do think benches are required, not only on the outside of the shelters, but on the inside of shelters as well. With all of us concerned about climate change, it may help if we have seating at all bus shelters to promote travelling Burlington via bus. I feel the more comfortable and accessible we make “taking the bus” more people will use the bus.

    I also feel that the bus shelters are ideal spots for a garbage can to be located. This would help keep our streets cleaner.

  3. I agree with the comments here and the letter to the editor in the Burlington Post recently that these benches are not benches but simply billboards. I imagine the reason they are so uncomfortable is because they don’t actually want anyone to sit on them thereby covering up the advertisements! They look tacky and gaudy and to call them “benches” is completely misleading.

    The benches along the bike path in the downtown area are actually benches – designed to be comfortable and visually appealing. These are not. I really don’t understand why these are allowed to exist – very distracting for drivers and a total eyesore.

  4. They look cheap and distracting. With the advertising positioned for drivers to read I’m surprised there even legal. At best there use is limited due to weather.
    Was there any consultation? A black mark against our beautiful city.

  5. Unfortunately these benches are simply advertisement spaces. They face the street on an angle to better display the advertiser’s message. They are completely uncomfortable, with back angles near 90 degrees, like a grade school desk back. The plastic back has no ventilation since its primary purpose is as a sign for near vertical viewing by passing traffic, not as a comfortable seat back with a proper angle. A major fail for people waiting for a bus or just wanting a relaxing place to sit.

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