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“I’m on my way to get my nails done” & other excuses police hear for unsafe driving; hundreds of tickets issued in crackdown

police radarFrom Halton Regional Police Service press release – Traffic officers with the Halton Regional Police Service  worked together recently to target the “Big 4” driving behaviours that are the greatest cause of concern for road users within the region: going through stop signs; speeding; cell phone use; and impairment.
The project ran over a three day period starting on Aug. 9 in Georgetown and Halton Hills, followed by Oakville and Burlington Aug. 10.
Officers targeted sub divisions that had been identified through police analytics as having the highest number of complaints and traffic related occurrences. In Burlington, that included the Millcroft area (bound by Dundas St to the north, Upper Middle Rd to the south, Appleby Line to the east, and Walkers Line to the west). This area had 109 incidents in the past 12 months: 3 injury collisions, 44 damage only collisions, 39 traffic complaints and 23 Road Watch complaints.
Over the course of the three days, across the Region 371 traffic stops were initiated for Highway Traffic Act violations and 238 Provincial Offence Notices were issued.

The goal of the project was to allow officers to have meaningful conversations with drivers who live within these communities and encourage them to drive safely in the future. The number of charges laid demonstrates that officers used considerable discretion and only charged drivers when they felt that it was prudent to do so.

Officers were asked to note the excuses drivers offered in response to being stopped. Some of the comments are being provided here in the hope that this sparks a debate on road safety between family members and their friends. Surely none of these reasons are serious enough to risk getting involved in a collision with a neighbour walking down the street, a child riding their bike or family heading out for dinner.

Stop Sign/Speeding/Cell phone/Impairment statements:

• “Really…. I’m usually the first person to complain about that”

• “Oh there’s a stop sign there?”

• “Just let me drive home, I just live around the corner a few blocks, I can make it” This driver failed a road side screening test and his licence was suspended

• “I guess there isn’t enough crime to keep you busy”

• “But I was just involved in a car accident the other day”

• “You’re a F……….. liar”

• “I was just holding it for directions”

• “Please we are very late for the train”

• “I’ve phoned and complained about the traffic on this street”

• “Sorry Officer I’m on my way to get my nails done”

• “I’m speeding because I have an infection and I’m on my way to shoppers to pick up the medication”

Halton police receive many complaints concerning aggressive driving and we will continue to conduct rigorous enforcement where it is required, we do however want to do this in partnership with our community and encourage everyone to Drive Safe.

To report individual driver behaviour, residents can complete a Road Watch complaint here:


Written by Marianne Meed Ward

A Better Burlington began in 2006 after my neighbours said they felt left out of city decisions, learning about them only after they’d been made.

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  1. Why do so few people respect the speed limit around here? If you dare to drive the speed limit, you get tailgated, honked at, looked at like YOU’RE the idiot. And then when these clowns get a chance to pass me, I pull alongside them at the red light they just rushed to and smile to myself. Speeding doesn’t get you to your destination any faster, it just makes the trip more dangerous. In my opinion, we could use more speed traps, more photo radar… collect tons of revenue from these idiots who insist on making life dangerous for the rest of us.

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