City launches “askgrowbold” to take questions provide answers on new Official Plan

City of Burlington – Got questions about the city’s new Official Plan, which shapes how and where the population grows over the next 20 years?

Residents have asked: Why does Burlington have to grow at all? How will younger families afford to live in the city? Won’t there be traffic gridlock if more people move to Burlington?

The city has created Ask Grow Bold to provide answers to questions like these and more. Read more or ask a question of your own here:

The plan is scheduled to come back to Burlington City Council for approval in early 2018.


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  1. Why does the new Official Plan already have a height number set on areas for development? Does this mean that is the starting number of storeys that is acceptable? Our understanding from a Councillor”s answer to a question of allowing higher heights thereby setting a precedent for all other developers, was, not necessarily. Low rise from the lakefront down Brant up to 17 storeys are the magic numbers for these properties. How did the so-called Cannery spot get a 22 right from the start? This particular special corner lot of Lakeshore and Brant does not dictate such a high number. This is unacceptable and needs correction for sure. Just because Bridgewater was granted a landmark number of 22 for lakeshore, does not set a precedent to qualify the Cannery to follow in those footsteps on this special corner lot. This property should definitely follow under the “special policy” guidelines for minimum heights and rezoned accordingly in keeping with the character of the area.

  2. I believe the majority of residents understand that city needs to grow nor do they object to redevelopment/revitalization. However when you have development that is completely out of keeping with the character of an area such as Burlington’s downtown core where proposed development will dwarf the surrounding buildings you have opposition from the majority of the residents.
    Engaged Citizens of Burlington is trying to direct the conversation back to City Hall and recommend that changes to existing zoning regulations should be in keeping with the character of the area with appropriate building heights and building set backs. Visit:
    to learn more about our community.

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