Work on Burloak grade separation and Drury Lane pedestrian bridge to be advanced to 2019

Due to the planned electrification of the GO rail line and 15 minute service, two projects related to the line will need to be moved up to 2019: the Burloak grade separation (planned for 2024) and the Drury Lane pedestrian bridge replacement (planned for 2021).

Metrolinx, as part of its Regional Express Rail (RER) program, is in the process of issuing Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) calls to interested consortiums for the financing, design and construction of various projects necessary to electrify the Lakeshore West Rail Corridor. Metrolinx has included both the Burloak grade separation and Drury Lane pedestrian bridge projects as part of their AFP calls and wish to partner in the funding of both.

Metrolinx may be able to realize cost savings by bundling projects together into one large contract, and will also take on all risk for any potential cost overruns that may occur beyond the budgeted contingencies.

The AFP call has been issued by Metrolinx with a tentative award to the successful proponent by the end of 2018/early 2019. It is anticipated that work will start in 2019 with preliminary utility relocation and construction of any rail/road diversion and the grade separation construction in 2021 and 2022.

Metrolinx has agreed to a 50/50 cost share for the Burloak grade separation, with Burlington and Oakville (as this is a boundary road), resulting in the city’s portion at 25%. The estimated cost for this project is $60 million with a city share of $15 million.

City staff and Metrolinx have also agreed to a 50/50 cost share for the Drury Lane pedestrian bridge, given that Metrolinx requires an increase in clearance beneath the structure for its proposed rail line electrification. The estimated cost for this project is $5.2 million with a city share of $2.6 million.

The recommendation will come to the Committee of the Whole July 9 for discussion, followed by a final vote at Council July 16. Residents can Register as a Delegation to speak at either meeting, or send written materials instead.

You can read the staff report on the two projects here: Burloak/Drury Lane projects

My Take: I’m delighted that the pedestrian bridge will be renewed to provide this vital pedestrian connection across the tracks for the Glenwood School Drive/Queensway neighbourhood that generates almost 100 trips daily. Early in my first term on council the bridge required repairs and there was discussion of whether or not to renew/replace the bridge. Myself and the community rallied for repairs, which provided a short-term solution, and now the future of this bridge is secure. Well done everyone.

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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  1. Like I posted previously regarding Drury Lane overpass. I think that Metrolink should be paying more than 50% for the replacement of the structure due to the fact that they need it and probably it will have to be a more robust structure than what the city would require.

    I think that their part should be 75% plus all engineering costs. Leaving the city to pick up 25% of fabrication and installation costs

    I presume that during negotiating our city staff lost another deal at the table.

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