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C.O.W workshop Sept.28: New downtown mobility hub draft plan

At 1 pm in the afternoon of Thursday, September 28, a Committee of the Whole Workshop was held to discuss the New Draft of the Downtown Mobility Hub Plan.

Throughout the last six months, city staff and consultants talked to the public, getting their feedback and their takes on what Burlington should look like in the near future. Much information was gathered, as over 10,800 points of data were collected. The committee was able to condense such information and provide the residents main priorities and principles:

  • To preserve the history of Brant street (i.e. buildings, shops).
  • Respect the character of existing neighbourhoods.
  • Enhance pedestrian networks.
  • Proper land for community and public services.
  • Develop taller buildings to the North of downtown, near Go Station to protect views of the lake.
  • Develop public green spaces.
  • Attract new businesses, services and amenities.

The New Official Plan regarding the precinct plan and Policy Directions will be presented to council mid-November of this year. The final Area Specific Plan will be presented to City Council in June of 2018, and it is hoped that by then, the plan will be implemented into the downtown area.

Amy’s Take: I feel as though the priorities both the public and the staff have decided on are quite appropriate, as I myself, am a member of the downtown community. I have always loved the atmosphere of Brant Street, filled with small shops, festive lights, music and greenspace. It is where I have grown up, and all I know. Maintaining the character among neighbourhoods, preserving the history our city holds and ensuring that each home has a nice view of the lake are only a few of the important components that make our city a great one. Thankfully, these components are being looked at and acknowledged, meaning Downtown Burlington can and will remain a warming place, that brings nothing but happiness.


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