Proposal to delay official plan changes for one downtown precinct till June

Better if we delay Official Plan approval until after the election.

downtown heritage official plan
This heritage property is not formally designated and therefore can be torn down. The draft site plan proposed by staff for this location is 17 storeys.

Just heard through a YouTube video, the mayor is proposing more time for downtown policy changes in the Official Plan – delay till June – but only for one of 11 precincts, the Downtown Core. That’s what will see significant change (4 storeys, 8 with community benefits, now up to 17 – more than double), but there are other areas of the downtown plan, as well as Upper Brant St that also need change for balanced growth.

Even better if we delay the Official Plan approval until after the election. Let’s put it through the test of democracy.

More time isn’t enough – we also need substantive change to the plan during that time, as well as complete information for the public to weigh in and have their say.

Best news: your advocacy has worked to help slow this fast moving train down so we get take the time to get it right for the future.

I’ll bring my motions to committee tomorrow (originally 8, now up to 11).

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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    • Good question. In my view, no. The old plan is in effect until the Region of Halton approves our new Official Plan. The region’s review won’t start till 2019. I asked our former director of planning at a recent meeting if we were “sitting ducks” for appeals in the meantime. The answer: no.

  1. Thank you Marianne for alerting us to this video announcement. Many of us would not have known about it otherwise. It seems a unique way to communicate a change of this importance, even though much more than this is required.

  2. It’s something, barely. We need to slow down and collectively have some real sober thought. I agree with you wholeheartedly MMW and hope that council can concede to some of your motions. Go and get em’…

  3. If the Cannery is a separate precinct from the downtown, then he better change his numbers from one to two of the 11 precincts to delay until June. No reason for the Cannery to have a separate one anyway!!

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downtown heritage official plan

11 motions coming forward for downtown to balance development, protect heritage and greenspace, add affordable, assisted and family units, and delay approval of OP till after election