Starlight on Prospect submits revised plans; recommendation report expected June or July

starlightCity staff has recently received updated reports and plans from Starlight for their proposed redevelopment on Prospect. The applications propose to replace the 16 existing rental townhouse units with 96 rental stacked townhouse units. The two existing apartment towers on the site will be retained.

Since the original submission, the proposed stacked townhouses have been shifted further south to increase the rear yard setback to a minimum of 14m. This increased rear yard allows for additional tree preservation for screening and additional green space.

The applicant has also submitted a letter responding to questions raised at the public meeting. Read that letter here:


The letter and supporting materials have been circulated to select technical staff and are posted on the city’s project webpage dedicated to this project here: Starlight on Prospect

Please note the plans do not propose any significant changes to the development. Staff is analyzing these latest plans and reports and determining next steps. Staff will be preparing a recommendation report for consideration at the Development & Infrastructure Committee, followed by a vote by City Council. The recommendation could be one of: approve, reject or approve with modifications.

The earliest likely date for that recommendation report is at the June D&I meeting (June 21), or later.

I will let residents know when the staff recommendation report is available and how to speak to D&I Committee to share your views on the project.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact the planner on the file:

Silvina Kade, 905-335-7600 ext. 7871,

My Take: This proposal is overdevelopment of the site, which sacrifices too much greenspace for asphalt, and does not provide housing suitable to our residents who cannot climb stairs. We need mroe rental units, so I support that aspect of the development. I would welcome redevelopment of this site that is less dense, has less ashpalt and provides options for a broader range of residents.

Your Take: What are your views of this proposed development? Let me know by leaving a public comment below, or a private comment by direct email to me at:


Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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