Saxony requests two extra storeys on Elgin/Locust condo

The builders for the Saxony 4-storey condominium at Locust and Elgin have filed an application to permit two additional storeys on the project. The application has not been approved. Staff are reviewing materials submitted by the applicant and will ultimately make a recommendation to city council to approve, refuse or modify the application. Council will ultimately vote on the request.

A neighbourhood meeting will be held in the near future to seek public input on the request. Residents can also attend the committee and council meetings where this is discussed, and provide input to all of council. Details on that will be shared once the dates are known.

A project page will be opened with notices of public meetings, the staff report and supporting materials. The link will be posted here when available.

A planner has been assigned to the file so initial questions and feedback can be directed to Mark Hefferton at

My Take: I’m open to considering the request, given unforeseen issues that arose, including soil contamination that needed to be removed, and the general intent for a mid-rise building versus some other applications we’ve seen in the area for highrises that are 2, 3, or 4 times allowed heights and densities. The builder also moved and restored a heritage building on the property, which now sits on Maple Ave at the end of Elgin St. This was a significant cost to the builder, and significant benefit to the community. However, I won’t make any decisions before hearing from the community and staff.

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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  1. The Developer of the Saxony Condominium Project cut a deal with the City and should stick to its original concept. Cost overruns are driving this developer to increase the number of units and hence building height with massive inconveniences to date for residents. Not to mention the impact it’s had on the environment with excessive noise and traffic, and the impact on the St. Luke’s Cross seniors home residents who now have to travel one block eastward or one block northward to access the services on Brandt Street. The Developer is clearly commercially motivated and not respecting its original obligations.
    The developer relocated and restored a heritage building yet were they good enough to donate it to the city for public use? No the developer expects to recoup their investment plus enjoy a substantial profit by now listing the property for $1.5MM (formally $1.6 MM). Let’s not be naïve.

  2. Tiered back (to minimize extended shadowing) additional two if granted and get some extra cash from Section 37 to improve parks and streetscapes

  3. I am so tired of developers submitting plans for approval, only to come back months (or a year) after ground has broken and request changes. Its time the council and the building department made them stick to the originals.

    • I agree. It seems all the developers have to do is submit a smaller building for approval then come back at a later date to ask for extra floors to be added. No problem council will happily let you add additional floors. It must be common knowledge by now for developers to know that Burlington council is a push over if you want extra floors added to your Condo.

  4. I feel like 6 storeys is acceptable within what much of the community wants for the downtown. If the development is attractive to boot, I would say it’s fine. But yes, staff should have their say as well

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