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Bridgewater development on Lakeshore granted noise exemption for 2018

New Horizon (Bridgewater) Development group has been granted another noise exemption from Jan. 2 to Nov. 30 2018. Noise exemptions give authorized contractors permission to operate any construction equipment in connection with construction before 7am and/or after 7pm.

New Horizon(Bridgewater) Development group is focusing on their 3 tower multi-storey building project which  consists of ongoing concrete pours. Once concrete work begins, it cannot be stopped and takes about 20 hours from start to finish with no delays. Pouring begins first thing in the morning and ends late afternoon. The concrete then requires time to set before workers can walk on it and complete the finishing work. The finishing work takes another 6 to 12 hours using walk-behind motorized finishing machines/trowels. The machines are not excessively noisy, however, they will be operating machinery after 7 p.m., hence the need for the noise exemption permit. Typically they would be done around 3-4 a.m. if there are no delays with concrete supply or other reasons.. It also depends on the size of the concrete slab poured, weather and temperatures. In the winter it is a much longer process.

Lights will also be on as required after dark during construction.

Below is a letter regarding the noise exemption permit from Bridgewater Development Inc. : 171115 Bridgewater – Noise Exemption Notice



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