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Construction noise/hours exemption granted for Carriage Gate Development on Caroline/Maria/John/Elizabeth

Residents living among Caroline, Maria, Elizabeth and John Streets have expressed their concerns regarding the noise coming from the construction of the Carriage Gate development before and after regular construction hours. It is unfortunate as residents can sometimes hear construction early in the morning. This is because a noise exemption has been granted to the applicant of Carriage Gate by Grant Ziliotto (Manager of By-Law Enforcement).

The exemption is for the purposes of extending hours for noise created from the use of construction equipment (usually not allowed before 7am and after 7pm weekdays). Such exemptions do not require Council’s approval and are delegated to the Chief Noise Control Officer.

The noise exemption ends January 31, 2018.

For more information regarding the topic, contact:

Grant Ziliotto, CPSO, CBCO
Manager of By-Law Enforcement, Licensing and Animal Services
Planning & Building Department
P. 905 335 7731, ext 7628


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  1. I am disgusted with the many exemptions that are made for developers in downtown Burlington by the city officials that are supposed to represent the voting residents. This developer should never have been allowed to build this 17 storey nightmare in the first place. He promised 20% would be affordable housing units to get the building height exemption and then reneged. He promised the first new commercial development in over a decade in downtown Burlington (the 8 storey medical building) and then reneged on that too! The parking garage….well that was another mirage.
    Now he wants and gets a noise exemption so that he can build this monolith… morning, noon, and night, regardless of the effect this has on the residents who have to put up with the never ending noise and air pollution 12 hours a day ( and now up to six days a week).

    When will our local government start making decisions that support the residents that voted for them?

  2. Now other construction sites will ask for exemptions. When is city Hall going to take back Burlington from the developers? Developers know that the city will give in to them.

  3. Marianne told me a few weeks ago that she did not know of an extension. As it seems that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and that the developers are the ones really running Burlington I am not surprised. No effort has been made to tell the locals. I love being woken at 7 am to the sounds of many hammers. If I knew just how noisy it is living downtown I would not have moved here!

  4. After hours construction noise is also happening at Bridgewater. Did New Horizon also get granted exemption? Last week at midnight workers had construction lighting illuminating the area while they were using a buffing type machine on the concrete floor surface! I am shocked that the residents of 360 Pearl have not spoken up!

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