Marianne Meed Ward
Marianne Meed Ward, Ward 2 City and Regional Councillor - Burlington

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Marianne Meed Ward


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  1. Happy to receive the newsletter. My take on employee free parking: in principle a “perk” which could be removed, and I support doing so, but if so, please advocate a phasing in. If current employees accepted an offer of employment which included free parking, that promise should be honoured. You can stop offering it to new employees and over time, with attrition, the cost will diminish and then disappear. But don’t arbitrarily remove what amounts to a portion of your employees’ compensation packages. That would be unfair and technically a breach of promise. And if taxes are due, employees can pay them.

    • I am against free employee parking where the public pays in the same location. Other municipalities charge employees a reduced rate fee of monthly parking fees and validate parking to guests and volunteers. The City of Burlington gives free parking and free monthly transit passes to employees and City Hall guests and Volunteers pay for parking downtown. I agree with the phase in of costs and generally this will only effect employees who work downtown. With complaints from council that transit does not generate enough funds they are inconsistent in educating and advocating their own staff to use Burlington transit, or provide City Hall parking outside of the downtown area and shuttle employees in to downtown in a carpool lot style tradition using their own transit system. Council needs to get rid of traditional ideas and start thinking outside the box and shake things up a bit. Tradition has it’s time and place and so does innovative and creative thinking.

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