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Welcoming Co-op Student Claire Bradbury

Photo on 2016-03-04 at 8.06 AMHello Readers! My name is Claire and I have just started my co-op placement here at City Hall with Councillor Marianne Meed Ward. I’m in Grade 11 at Burlington Central High School. I will be spending the mornings at City Hall and will return back to school for my afternoon courses. For my co-op placement this year I was aiming to be involved in journalism and writing, since that’s what I hope to do in the future. After a couple of possible placements fell through, I was emailed a copy of Councilor Meed Ward’s community newsletter. I was inspired to contact her to see if I could have my placement with her. After an interview with Councillor Meed Ward and her assistant Georgie Gartside, I got my placement.

 It was exciting for me as well as for my parents because this is a great opportunity to learn and gain some experience. I hope to get a good understanding on how articles are published and created. I will also be attending some community meetings, so it will be interesting to see how this whole process works. My placement here at City Hall carries on until the end of June when school finishes, which is only in four months! I know my time here will fly by, and I’m excited to start writing more in Councillor Meed Ward’s newsletter and website.

Marianne’s Take: I’m delighted Claire is coming onboard our writing and publishing team. Please join me in  extending a warm Ward 2 welcome! As many of you know, I was a journalist for 22 years before serving on council. I taught writing at several universities as well as numerous writers workshops. It’s an honour and passion of mine to help mentor a new generation of writers, who will serve our community by telling you what you need to know to participate in civic life and hold elected officials to account.


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  1. Claire, how great to get a co-op placement where you will learn a lot about the core and community you live in!! You are also attending a great high school–my son graduated from Central almost 20 years ago

  2. Congratulations Claire! You couldn’t have gotten a better placement. Marianne will be a fantastic help in anything you do. She is a fantastic councillor and we in Ward 2 appreciate her efforts greatly. You will learn a huge amount from her. WELCOME!!!

  3. Claire – Congratulations on your posting with Marianne. Based on Ms. Meed Wards background you could not have chosen a better placement position. I know that this will be a great experience for you. Have fun and soak it all in. I much also say that it is terrific to see an enthusiastic young person excited for their future.

  4. Well done Claire… you showed initiative in sourcing the placement and have found a well qualified mentor to help you move forward in your career aspirations. Enjoy!

  5. As a former teacher, I’m pleased that you’ve found an excellent placement. In my experience as a resident and taxpayer, Marianne has the finest communications of all the councillors. Enjoy yourself.

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