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Got an idea for making your community better? The city has several funding programs to help

community support
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The heart and essence of Burlington is our neighbourhoods and communities.  It’s about people and places and how they work in partnership to make great places to live and play.

The City of Burlington’s community support programs were created to encourage people to actively champion for their community. The programs provide support to communities and neighbourhoods to build, improve and strengthen Burlington and to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Bringing people together to create a sense of belonging is as important as the project itself.

Funding is available to support the following areas:

  • Diversity:  Embracing, celebrating and recognizing difference within the community
  • Civic Interests:  Events or service promoting Burlington
  • Place Making:  Creating public spaces that promote health and well being
  • Sport:  Team-based activities to enhance well being
  • Recreation:  Activities to promote healthy and active living
  • Environment:  Proactive initiatives to support a healthy environment
  • Culture:  Program and services that support the development of arts and culture

Learn more about the community investment and other support programs here: Community Support

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