Committee & Council July 4, 7, 11, 12, 18

city hallBelow are the highlights of agenda items coming to July committee and council meetings for decisions. I’ll have more to say on select agenda items in the next newsletter, including My Take.

You can read the Agendas by clicking on the relevant committee meeting here: Agendas & Minutes

You can Register as a Delegation to speak at these meetings (10 minutes at Committee; 5 minutes at Council).

Recommendations from the July 7, 11, and 12 Committee Meetings go to City Council Mon. July, 18, 6:30 pm, for final approval.

Council July 4, 6:30 pm

  • A Resolution to Support a Governance Structure to implement Climate Change Initiatives between the Cities of Burlington and Hamilton.
  • Authorize the City Manager to continue to work with the 905 Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area CAO’s to negotiate a new PRESTO Operating Agreement for Council to consider that is fair and reasonable and respects the affordability of both transit users and taxpayers at large.
  • Direct the Executive Director of Capital Works to issue a tender for the Nelson pool revitalization construction in 2016 to allow for a pool reopening in the summer of 2017; and Approve the Nelson pool revitalization capital funding of $3.3 million from capital purposes reserve fund of $1.65 million and park dedication reserve fund of $1.65 million; Approve the fundraising plan with consideration of the legacy value that would be associated with the sponsorship opportunity.
  • Approve a variance to Sign By-law 34-2007, as amended, at 401 Brant Street, having considered the application by Kelly Childs; and Permit a sign with a maximum Total Sign Area of 27.7 sq metres instead of the maximum permitted 23.25 sq metres within the area zoned Downtown Core (DC), subject to the following condition: 1. The variance applies to the proposed signage only and is valid only for the duration of the existing use on site.
  • Endorse the exploration of a strategic partnership and clean tech opportunities with the City of Växjö, Sweden; and Authorize a Burlington delegation to travel to Sweden in September, 2016 to work with municipal and industry representatives in order to advance discussion on a potential strategic partnership to exchange knowledge on community energy, sustainable development and economic development opportunities; and Authorize the Mayor, Councillor Sharman as the Council representative on the Sustainable Development Committee, the City Manager, the Executive Director of Capital Works and the Executive Director of the Burlington Economic Development Corporation to attend as representatives from the City of Burlington; and Authorize the cost of travel for the Executive Director of Capital Works and Councillor Sharman to come from the respective oper ting budgets.
  • Direct the Director of Transportation to remove the existing parking on the south side curb lane on Fairview Street, between Garibaldi Common and Iris Court, that was temporarily permitted on Fridays during the hours of 1:30 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Approve the application, to amend the zoning bylaw, to permit an addition to an existing school at 3508 Commerce Court.

Committee of the Whole, July 7, 1pm

  • Official Plan Review: urban structure and intensification policy directions report. (PB-29-16) 1 – 136
  • Burlington’s Mobility Hubs: work plan for area specific planning report. (PB-48-16) 137-155

Community & Corporate Services, July 11, 1pm & 6:30pm

  • Burlington Seniors’ Advisory Committee 2015 Annual Report and 2016 Workplan. (CL-14-16)
  • Memorandum from Councillor Meed Ward regarding one-time funding for Moonglade. (CCS-5-16)
  • Group Benefits Plan Service Provider. (HR-02-16)
  • Home Adaptation Assessment Program. (CW-04-16)
  • LaSalle Park Marina Business Case Review. (F-28-16)
  • Phase 1 Financial Plan for 2015-2040 Strategic Plan. (F-21-16) Note: Item to be distributed under separate cover.
  • 2017 Budget Framework. (F-14-16) Note: Item to be distributed under separate cover.
  • On-Street Residential Pay Parking Program. (TS-04-16) Note: This item will be discussed at 6:30 p.m.
  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment application for 4853 Thomas Alton Boulevard. (PB-63-16) Note: This item will be discussed at 6:30 p.m.
  • Confidential Appendix A to human resources department report HR-02-16 regarding Group Benefits Plan Service Provider. (HR-02-16)

Development & Infrastructure, July 12, 1pm & 6:30pm

  • Statutory public meeting and information report for a proposed zoning by-law amendment on 2360, 2364, and 2368 New Street. (PB-62-16)
  • Temporary use by-law to permit entertainment uses on downtown patios. (PB-66-16)
  • Memorandum from Councillor Meed Ward regarding a resolution on
    Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) reform. (DI-03-16)
  • Request for removal from the municipal register for 3015 Dundas Street. (PB-64-16)
  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments submitted by Starlight Investments Inc. for 2051-2085 Prospect Street. (PB-56-16) Note: This item will be discussed at 6:30 p.m.
  • Tender Award for CW-16-05 Willow Lane area reconstruction. (CW-43-16) Note: This item will be discussed at 6:30 p.m.
  • Cycling alternatives for New Street (Guelph Line to Burloak Drive). (TS-10-16) Note: This item will be discussed at 6:30 p.m

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

A Better Burlington began in 2006 after my neighbours said they felt left out of city decisions, learning about them only after they’d been made.

As journalist for 22 years, I thought “I can do something about that” and a website and newsletter were born. They’ve taken various forms and names over the years, but the intent remains: To let you know what’s happening at City Hall before decisions are made, so you can influence outcomes for A Better Burlington.

The best decisions are made when elected representatives tap the wisdom of our community members, and welcome many different perspectives.This site allows residents to comment and debate with each other; our Commenting Guidelines established in 2016 aim to keep debate respectful.

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