Backlog of infrastructure renewal needs drops $7 million

To Committee of the Whole April 3

The city’s backlog of infrastructure renewal needs has dropped $7 million since 2015, according to a just-released asset management plan.

The estimated unfunded renewal need is $126.5 million in total, a $7 million reduction from the previous report in 2015, even when considering factors related to improved inventory information resulting in a greater number of assets reported on, updated costing, and more formalized assessments.
This progress can be attributed primarily to a strong commitment focused on capital investment in asset renewal projects and related initiatives. In 2013, Council approved a 20 year financing plan which included the following:
  • Dedicated Infrastructure levy of 1.25% (up to 2022), reducing to 1% (2023-2033) and further reducing to 0.5% (2034 and beyond);
  • re-purposing the hospital levy in phases beginning in 2019.
Furthermore, the 2015 Asset Management Plan update also included the following:
  • $20 million phased over 4 years to directly assist with the renewal of the city’s roads infrastructure;
  • 0.2% levy beginning in 2020 to address the renewal needs of a growing asset inventory.
The capital funding requirements for renewal needs will be brought forward in the spring of 2017 as part of the Asset Management Financing Plan update. The long-term (60 year) annual reinvestment need averages approximately $67.5 million.
Roadways represent the largest category of unfunded renewal needs, at $108 million.
The report will be on the agenda for the April 3 Committee of the Whole at City Hall, 1pm, Council Chambers. Recommendations from COW will go to City Council April 18 for a final decision. Register as a delegation to speak to committee about this item.
Read the report:

CW-22-17 Asset Management Plan

Read the full agenda for COW:

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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  1. Unfortunate choice of image showing most basic form of temporary pothole filling into highly fractured surrounding road surface. Not renewal, just a band aid. Would like to see quality renewal on our roads, unlike the state of New Street for so many years, and only being made worse in some areas.

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