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Hydro One to resolve water ponding on hydro corridor

Site #1: Hydro One will correct the grading and drainage issue to deal with standing water in this area.
Site #1: Hydro One will correct the grading and drainage issues to deal with standing water in this area.

Over the next few weeks, residents will notice workers in the hydro corridor that runs from Ontario Street to Graham’s Lane. The workers will be regrading parts of the corridor to address water ponding that became apparent after the tree and vegetation removal.

A number of residents had contacted me via email and social media who noticed the water ponding. Thank you all for being eyes and ears on your street. I got in touch with Hydro One, as did our city staff, and as a result of your feedback corrective measures are now being taken.

Hydro One Forestry staff and the city’s Bylaw Enforcement staff met on the corridor at the end of April, to discuss the issue of water pooling along three locations between Stephenson Drive and Clarke Ave.

hydro site 2
Site #2: Drainage issues not caused by Hydro One, but they will address.

Three locations with improper drainage were identified, however Hydro One has said two of them were not as a result of the maintenance work conducted by Hydro One. Nonetheless, Hydro One has agreed to correct the grading in all three locations to deal with the standing water. The work is expected to be complete by mid-June, which will also include reseeding the area with grass.

I would like to thank Hydro One for taking steps to address the issues at all three sites in the corridor.

Further questions about Hydro One’s maintenance can be directed to:


hydro site 3
Site #3: – Hydro One will fix drainage on the east side of the corridor. Wet areas directly behind homes was not caused by Hydro One’s maintenance.

Ani Bekmezian
Public Affairs

Hydro One Networks Inc.
483 Bay Street | South Tower | 6th Floor
Toronto, ON | M5G 2P5

Tel: (416) 345 – 4026

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

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