Agenda out for COW Oct.30: Cannabis legislation; council compensation; healthy food

Committee of the Whole, 1pm, Council Chambers

The following items will be discussed at the Committee of the Whole – Workshop, Monday, October 30 at 1pm in Council Chambers:

Read the full agenda and report here: COW OCT.30

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2.1 Metrolinx update for expanding GO transit service (COW-6-17) 1 – 1

Note: Peter Zuk, Chief Capital Officer and Leslie Woo, Chief Planning Officer will make a presentation

Consent Items:

Reports of a routine nature, which are not expected to require discussion and/or debate.  Staff may not be in attendance to respond to queries on items contained in the Consent Agenda.

3.1 Waterfront Capital Agreement (PR-10-17) 2 – 4

3.2 City tree removal at 5045 Mainway (CW-76-17) 5 – 8

3.3 Cannabis legislation and implications for the City of Burlington (CM-11- 17) 9 – 15

3.4 LAS Electric Truck Pilot Program (RPM-18-17) 16 – 20

Regular Items:

4.1 2018 meeting schedule for Council and standing committee meetings (CL-16-17) 21 – 24

4.2 Citizen Review Committee on council compensation (CL-17-17) 25 – 35

4.3 Healthy supportive food environment (PR-05-17) 36 – 47

4.4 Rural road shoulder assessment – feasibility analysis (TS-12-17) 48 – 60

Confidential Items:

Confidential reports may require a closed meeting in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001. Meeting attendees may be required to leave during the discussion.

5.1 Confidential contingency report as at August 31, 2017 (F-40-17)

5.2 Confidential report regarding fire service (BFD-03-17)

5.3 Confidential litigation update (May 1 to August 31, 2017) (L-26-17)

Read the full agenda and related report here: COW OCT.30

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To register, complete the online application at

Email or phone 905-335-7600, ext. 7481.

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