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City of Burlington launches real-time bid technology Nov. 20

The city of Burlington has made it easier for companies to bid on city projects, through a new online system that launches Nov. 20.

The new system, called Bids&Tenders, will make it so vendors no longer have to come to City Hall to meet a deadline and get a manual time and date stamp. Instead, they can file their bids online. The online service uses real-time technology to give easy access to up-to-date information on bid opportunities.

How to use bids&tenders™
Vendors who subscribe to bids&tenders™ will receive notices of bid opportunities and can submit bids and proposals to the City of Burlington online. An unlimited subscription is $165 a year and includes access to all agencies using the program across Canada. For those who choose not to subscribe, there is a one-time fee of $45 per bid opportunity.

For more information on the city’s bid opportunities, please visit

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