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marianne meed ward village squareI’m running to put residents first and get action on the issues you care about.  Check out my campaign site – where you can read more about why I’m running and my commitments to you.

I’ve developed a comprehensive platform addressing:

  • greater accountability by council members on fundraising and recorded votes;
  • development and intensification that protects neighbourhood character, greenspace and our financial bottom line;
  • our momentum on a vibrant downtown and focus on more jobs;
  • the need to find savings, with spending on infrastructure and priorities that matter to you;
  • and more on heritage, affordable housing, transit, waterfront access, and community participation.

If you’d like to get a lawn sign for September, send me a message, or volunteer, please sign up here.

I’m out knocking on doors, and I’m meeting great people and having wonderful conversations.  I’m inspired by your passion for this city and our neighbourhoods and the insight you bring to make our city even better.  I look forward to talking with you.




Campaign to re-elect Marianne Meed Ward - Burlington 2014
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Campaign to re-elect Marianne Meed Ward - Burlington 2014
I’m running to put Burlington's residents first and get action on the issues you care about. Read why why I'm running and my commitments to you.

Written by Marianne Meed Ward

A Better Burlington began in 2006 after my neighbours said they felt left out of city decisions, learning about them only after they’d been made.

As journalist for 22 years, I thought “I can do something about that” and a website and newsletter were born. They’ve taken various forms and names over the years, but the intent remains: To let you know what’s happening at City Hall before decisions are made, so you can influence outcomes for A Better Burlington.

The best decisions are made when elected representatives tap the wisdom of our community members, and welcome many different perspectives.This site allows residents to comment and debate with each other; our Commenting Guidelines established in 2016 aim to keep debate respectful.

Got an idea or comment you want to share privately? Please, get in touch:

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  1. I vote according to the issues. I vote for the candidate that answers questions on the issues intelligently and sincerely skirting the issue does not get my vote. If they do not know about the issue I expect them to find out then get back to me. If my best friend or a family member were a candidate and did not support the issues I believed were necessary to take care of those most urgently in need I would Not vote for them. I find you to be responsive and accountable on the issues and publically seek transparency on the vote etc. You also send the Ward 2 news which is most informative and what the public desperately need. Up until this very little was ever discussed and certainly not nearly all things came to light. This is the productive and go forward way of doing things. Thanks for that and I for one will continue reading and learning.

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