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Nov2017 Ask the Councillor: What are the rules on drones? Can I operate landscaping equipment on Sunday? Why so many speed bumps?

R.P. asks: What are the rules on drones? Even if individuals identify themselves as professionals,  they should still require permission from the City to fly out of and over others’ properties. What are the necessary credentials to fly a drone for city purposes?

Answer: You are correct. Any UAV operator requires written permission from the land owner to operate.The Guidance Material for Operating Unmanned Air Vehicle systems is as follows:

(12) A copy of the following documents shall be accessible to any person conducting operations under this exemption.

(a) The exemption;

(b) Proof of liability insurance coverage;

(c) Name, address and telephone number of the UAV operator;

(d) A copy of the UAV system operating limitations; and

(e) Evidence that the training required in condition 40 has been completed.

Note: In order to provide Transport Canada Inspectors and police authorities the ability to fulfill their duties to ensure aviation/public safety, the UAV pilot/operator is required to have immediate access to the above noted documentation at the location where the UAV is being controlled from. It is expected that a hard copy of the exemption is on site.

(13) A person conducting operations under this exemption shall immediately produce any of the documents and/or information listed in condition 12 above to a peace officer, police officer, or Transport Canada inspector upon request.

Note: This condition simply provides clarification to the pilot/operator that Transport Canada Inspectors or peace/police officers have authority to request documentation be provided so that they can verify that operations are being conducted legally.

If documentation cannot be produced the flight is to be shut down immediately and reported to Transport Canada.

When the City receives requests, they require the following information:

  • Company contact information
  • Pilot contact information
  • Proof of liability coverage
  • Description of UAV operating system, including performance limitations
  • Evidence that the operator has the appropriate knowledge, training on the UAV system and qualifications for the area and type of operation as referred to in Transport Canada Advisory Circular 600-004
  • Estimated schedule and logistics
  • Site control measures
  • Aerial survey procedures/flight procedures
  • Site hazard evaluation/Risk assessment
  • Personnel and roles
  • Security plan including
  • Failsafe procedures
  • Low battery levels
  • Boundary incursions
  • Emergency plan

For more information regarding drones and where they are permitted, visit: Transport Canada – Drones

J.G. Asks: Does the noise bylaw cover landscaping noise? Can landscaping companies can operate on Sundays?

Answer: Yes, that is correct. Work can occur at anytime or day and the bylaw does regulate noise. Landscaping can occur on Sundays, however noise created by construction equipment must happen between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday. Noise created from the use of power tools or any construction equipment listed below is prohibited on Sundays before 9am.

  1. Construction Equipment” means any equipment or device designed and intended for use in construction, or material handling, including but not limited to, air compressors, pile drivers, pneumatic or hydraulic tools, bulldozers, tractors, excavators, trenchers, cranes, derricks, loaders, scrapers, pavers, generators, off- highway haulers or trucks, ditchers, compactors and rollers, pumps, concrete mixers, graders, or other material handling equipment including chainsaws.

T.J. asks: What’s with all the speed bumps on Drury, Prospect and elsewhere?

Answer: These (and other) streets have been under review for several years. Despite a number of measures (speed limit reductions, traffic controls, speed message board, police patrol etc) people continue to speed here. Residents along these streets have been asking for further traffic measures.

The city goes through a process before installing any traffic calming measures: poll neighbours to ensure majority support; install traffic tubes to measure volume, speeding; determine the best traffic measure; consult with residents; make any changes, then proceed with installation. You can ask for the studies showing they met the warrants for traffic control by contacting

This is more about driver control than traffic control. If everyone would slow down, we wouldn’t need these measures. That would be everyone’s preference. Until then, we need to take steps to ensure safety.

 – Compiled by Amy Wallace

Amy Wallace

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