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Ask the Councillor Jan17: Update on 2350 New development. Rules on fireworks. Compost pickup for downtown businesses.

Residents B&M. N. ask: As a resident at 2350 New St., we haven’t heard further re the proposed townhouse development by Dawn Victoria which is next to us (Sterling Walk) Do you have any news to offer us?

Response: The most recent information I have is from July, that the applicant was going to work on revisions to the proposal, based on the feedback from residents, staff and council. I will let you know if anything changes. You can also connect directly with the planner on the file,

Read my most recent article on this development here: RESIDENTS SUGGEST GREATER SETBACKS, FEWER UNITS, FOR PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT AT 2360-2368 NEW STREET
Residents can check the status of any development application on the city’s Current Development Projects webpage, and search by Ward, and by project. Click here for Ward 2 Projects.

Resident R.F. asks: On New Year’s Eve fireworks were set off in Central Park at 10pm. The fireworks were significant in height and sound and lasted about 15 minutes. Was this a city sponsored event? And on Monday night same type of fireworks went off for about 5 minutes at about 7pm.

Response: These were not city sponsored events. A permit is required for private fireworks events. Below are the regulations around fireworks, and what you can do if you believe fireworks are going off without a permit:

The planning and building bylaw section licenses and regulates the sales of fireworks.

  1. Licensing sales

If there are retail sales of fireworks and no visual business license posted please direct theses complaints to 905-335-7731 or email

 2. Permits & Fire Hazard/Pyrotechnics 

For concerns of a fire hazard please direct to Fire non-emergencies line 905-637-8207Private firework displays may require permits from the Fire Chief and or his designates

Under our City’s fireworks by-law outside of the Victoria Day and Canada Day periods, fireworks of any type can only be discharged where a permit has been issued for it by the Fire Chief. The permit fee is $316.78.

  1. Public/Personal Safety

If there is a personal safety concern then Halton Regional Police Services should be contacted Police Non-Emergencies 905-825-4777

 4. Discharge in Parks

If fireworks are being set off in City Parks please direct these inquiries to RPM 905-333-6166 or e-mail or the Festival and Events office at 905-335-7600, ext. 7724.

Information regarding the discharge of fireworks at Central Park be added to the next Integrated Municipal Enforcement Team (IMET) meeting to be Monitored for next year.

If you have additional questions, contact:

Cristiano Silveira
Supervisor of Planning and Building By-law enforcement
Ph. 905-335-7600 ext. 7476


Resident L.Z. asks: I had a question about downtown businesses and composting. My family and I recently visited the tasty and delicious vegan Boon Burger on Elizabeth St. The meal was awesome. On the menu, it said the business wanted all materials to be compostable, which I definitely support as I think that is an important environmental decision, and listed an eco fee that would be added to orders. I inquired about this further and talked to the owner and she said the municipality does not take compost from businesses; they have to pay for a private service, so that’s why they charge an eco fee. In the two other Boon Burger cities, Barrie and Winnipeg, she said this service was provided free of charge. She said they only produce one bag of garbage per week – quite impressive for a restaurant!
If Burlington is going to be an environmental leader, how come we are not supporting local businesses to compost? This is really disappointing news. The business either has to pay more, or the cost goes to the consumer.
Response: The Region has no immediate plans to implement collection of source separated organic waste for businesses and restaurants in the designated Business Improvement Areas.  There are a couple of factors regarding this which I will share with you.  However, with the recent approval of the Waste Free Ontario Act implemented by the Government of Ontario, there may be future opportunities to assist restaurants in diverting their food waste from landfill.
  • The Region is currently implementing the collection of Green Cart material in multi-residential complexes across Halton.  It is our goal to have all apartments on the program by the end of 2018.  As per the Municipal Act, the Region’s responsibility is to provide a waste collection service to residential properties.  The government does have legislation currently in place that addresses the responsibility of commercial properties to manage their waste and increase diversion.  The Province is responsible for enforcing those requirements.   The majority of municipalities in the Province do not provide a dedicated collection service to businesses in their community.  The Region is a bit of a rare exception where we provide twice a week collection of recyclable material and garbage from businesses in the designated Business Improvement Areas.


  • All Green Cart material collected in Halton is processed at the City of Hamilton Composting Facility.  Since 2008 the Region has diverted over 200,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill via the Green Cart.  Unfortunately, there is limited organic processing capacity in the Province.  All current facilities operate within the requirements of their Environmental Conditions of Approval (ECA) with the Ministry of the Environment and each facility has a set capacity limit that they must adhere to.  Prior to any service whereby organic waste generated by businesses and restaurants is to be collected by the Region, our priority is to ensure all residential properties in Halton receive weekly collection of organic waste material and there is sufficient processing capacity for this material.  There are also challenges associated with implementing a municipal organics collection service for restaurants as well.  This includes frequency of collection and additional resources in order to provide the service effectively.


  • The new Waste Free Ontario Act was established to introduce producer responsibility for the management and diversion of waste material generated in the Province.  While the act is in its infancy, our hope is that the Act will implement enhancements to waste diversion programs and services for residents and place a priority on waste generated by the commercial sector.  The new Act does include a component to develop an organic waste strategy which is welcome.  As the Province develops new strategies and initiatives and introduces new legislation to support the Waste Free Ontario Act, we will be following closely and communicating with our Council to provide updates.  Another component of the Act is to eliminate Eco Fees from being identified on any purchase of products and materials.  This is due largely to the confusion generated when consumers observe an Eco Fee on their receipt as some interpret this as a tax which it is not.

Click for more information on:  Waste Free Ontario Act:

Link to the Strategy:

For further information contact:

David Miles
Manager of Waste Management Planning & Collection
Waste Management & Road Operations
Halton Region
905-825-6000, ext. 8288   |   1-866-442-5866

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